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    Electric hammer, electric pick, electric drill, water drill

    Electric hammer, electric pick, electric drill, water drill

    The special tools used in the decoration: electric hammer, electric pick, water drill. As a general common sense to avoid decoration when confused.

    Electric hammer: can spin, also can move forward and back. Usually the electric hammer contains the drill function. it uses the bottom motor to drive two sets of gear structure, one to achieve it, and the other to drive the piston, as if the engine hydraulic stroke, has a strong impact, with the drill is really a Xstone.

    Electric hammer suitable for large diameter of more than 30 mm. The advantages are high efficiency, large aperture and long drilling depth. The disadvantage is that the vibration is large and has a certain damage to the surrounding structure. Electric hammer bit is assembled with suojiashi, simple, without any tools.

    Can drill holes in any material, and use the widest range.

    Impact drill: the impact mechanism of impact drill has dog tooth and ball. The ball impact drill consists of driven plate, Fixing, steel ball, etc. The brake disc is connected to the spindle by thread and has 12 balls; The Fixing is fixed on the casing with four balls, and under the action of thrust, 12 steel balls roll along four balls to produce rotary impact motion of the carbide drill, and can drill on the brittle materials such as brick, block and concrete. Take off, make the Fixing with the brake disc together, without impact, can be used for ordinary electric drill. Using the gears on the inner shaft to achieve impact effect, but the impact force is far less than the dianchui. zuantou adjustment knob, the tiaozuan and impact drill can also drill steel concrete, but the effect of bujia. chongji is suitable for about 25mm small diameter and drilling depth. Install expansion bolts, etc. The destruction of the surrounding structure is very small. The air conditioner is installed in the wall and the electric blanket. Other locations should be drilling. The impact drill bit requires a special key tighten.

    Electric pick: is a type of impact drill, generally the electric pick is larger than the ordinary impact drill, suitable for hard objects, such as concrete and rock, gaoya refers to the hard part of the top bit and the sharp edge of the drill bit. The electric pick is to let the motor drive the switch shuaituo to do jumping form, so that the pick has the effect of the ground.

    Electric drill: it is a electromagnetic rotary or dianciwang compound small capacity motor rotor as magnetic field cutting machine, through the transmission mechanism drive device, drive the gear to increase the power of the bit, so that the bit scraping the object surface, better Insight object. The electric drill is only the strength of the drive drive gear to increase the bit rotation, so that the bit is the smallest in the form of jinshu. mucai., the range is limited to zuanmu and when an electric screwdriver is not too large practical value.

    Water drill: it is a kind of electric drill, it needs to use water to cool the head when drilling, the water drilling technology has the characteristics of economy, safety, environmental protection, no vibration, etc. it is suitable for drilling of various concrete structures such as Plumbing pipeline, fire pipeline and air conditioning hole.

    Hydraulic benggao: a yeyagao with hydraulic transmission, in earrings casing, is composed of control valve, hydraulic control directional control valve, and cylinder block and Impulse lever. The hydraulic pressure source is provided by the hydraulic pumping station, through the high pressure hose enters the cylinder block through the control valve, and the superior of the cylinder is composed of a fixed plunger and the piston. The piston and Impulse lever are a whole, so the piston, together with the Impulse lever, produces pulse impact. Gaiye yagao is suitable for mining and crushing of mine, stonework and cement pavement.

    Pneumatic pick: the gas pressure transmitted by the air compressor drives the bengchui in the electric pick, thereby producing the effect of the gaozaoji ground.

    Summary: electric hammer drill, with a higher hammer; Impact drill can drill, with slightly hammer impact. The electric pick only does not drill; The electric drill can only drill.

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