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    The correct use of electric hammer saw

    The correct use of electric hammer saw

    In the decoration works, we want to drill in some decorative materials such as concrete, brick walls, floor and so on, so we can use the electric chainsaw. So the electric hammer saw become an important construction tool in the decoration construction. So what should we pay attention to when using the electric hammer chainsaw? Next we came to understand the safe operation process of the electric hammer chainsaw.

    Safe operation process of electric hammer saw

    1. the inspection before operation shall meet the following requirements: 1. the shell and handle do not crack and damage; 2. the cable flexible cord and plug are intact, the switch action is normal, and the protection connected zero connection is correct and reliable; 3. the protective cover of each department is complete and strong, and the electrical protection device is reliable.

    2. after the equipment is started, the machine shall run without load, and shall check and confirm the linkage linghuowuzu of the machine. When operating, the afterburner should be stable, not to force too hard.

    3. when operating, grasp the drill or electric hammer handle, first put the drill bit on the working surface of the special-shaped rivet, then start, and force moderately, to avoid sloshing; If the speed decreases sharply, the force should be reduced and the motor is prevented from being overloaded.

    4. when drilling, care should be taken to avoid the reinforcement in concrete.

    5. the electric drill and electric drills shall be 40 % intermittent working hours and shall not be used for a long time.

    6. when the operating aperture is above 25 mm, there shall be a solid operation platform, and a guardrail shall be set around.

    7. the use of overloading is prohibited. In the operation, attention should be paid to the audio and temperature rise, and the abnormal abnormal should be stopped immediately. The operation time is too long, the temperature rise of the machine is exceeded.

    60 Ąă c shall be shut down and natural cooling after operation.

    8. when the machine is turned, no cutting shall be allowed.

    9. in the operation, you shall not touch the electric chainsaw cutting tool, mold and grinding wheel, when it is found to have abate and breakage, immediately stop dressing or replace, and then continue the operation.

    The above content is the safe operation process of electric hammer chainsaw, when we use the electric hammer chainsaw must be correct use of electric hammer, do not be careless, it will be easy to hurt themselves and other workers

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