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    The construction principle and selection method of electric hammer drill and points for attention

    The construction principle and selection method of electric hammer drill and points for attention

    ( 1 ) construction and principle: the electric hammer drill consists of the bit, collet, roller, adjustment sleeve, transmission system ( including dianzhuanqi device, impact piston, hammer body, mechanical overload protection device and each variable gear ), motor, shell, control switch and working state control valve ( blocking ). The motor provides rotating energy, part of the energy through the variable speed gear, qulun, connecting rod to drive the piston to do the replacement, and to produce the cycle change of high pressure air cushion, and to drive the impact piston hammer body, through the motion of the drill bit impact; The other part of the rotation energy is through overload protection device, huanlanhuan and other driving chuck and bit rotation. The working form of the machine and tools is controlled by the gear shifting to adjust the clutch of the transmission gear and the action of the impact piston, from the bailing machine to complete the danxuanchuan, Dan Chong and rotation.

    ( 2 ) operation and use: select suitable drilling machine and drill bit according to the working order, and ensure that the drill bit is complete and the machine has good performance, and the power supply is in accordance with the specifications of the equipment. Ensure the quality of lubricating oil is up to the standard. Confirm that the drill bit, drill chuck has no impurity dust, insert a small amount of grease into the front cover hole in the bit petiole. The specific model according to the instructions of the use of the machine, turn the retainers to fasten the drill bit on the rig. Will shift the shift to the selected Gear. Place the top of the drill bit into the hole or drilling position, soft reduction, grip, hold and the control switch. Hammer drill only slightly press, chip can be freely discharged, no need to press. Especially in the chisel and crushing operations, the use of the weight of the equipment without weight.

    ( 3 ) specifications and selection: dianchuizuan has a lot of model, of which the imported equipment is better, but the price is high, and according to the size of the workload.

    And zi capacity. In general, the technical performance of electric hammer is based on the change of input power, the greater the power, the stronger drilling, drilling capacity, and the baizhongliang increase, to be considered in selection. In addition, the best processing capacity of the equipment is slightly larger than work requirements, the general situation should allow the machine to work in the state of 80 % % yi 90 % of the processing limit, so as to avoid long-term load operation and reduce the service life.

    ( 4 ) the selection of bit and chisel: electric hammer can be equipped with a bit, chisel, and often use a tungsten carbide cement bit, tungsten carbide cross drill, sharp chisel, ganzao, gouzao, etc. The tungsten carbide cement bit is mainly used for drilling of various strength grade concrete, the most common specification is the drilling diameter of 5 ~ 38 tungsten carbide cross drill is mainly used for drilling of various bricks and slightly low strength concrete, its processing aperture is large, and the power is large, usually the drill diameter 30 ~ 80. Sharp chisel is usually used for crushing, dry chipping for roughening operations, and trenching for slotting operations. The hollow bit is used less, can be used to drill large holes, its specifications are 40 ~ 125 mm.

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