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    What is the working principle of the impact drill?

    What is the working principle of the impact drill?

    In operation, the impact drill depends on the impact drilling, on the one hand, by bit drilling. This can reduce and avoid hard and hard uneven zuoyewu with the hard matter card bit.

    In addition, the impact drill has a clutch, it can be on the machine overload or the bit is Kashi automatically to prevent the motor overload burning. The impact drill according to its impact mechanism is divided into two types: dayashi and Ball type.

    The impact drill consists of motor, variable speed system, impact structure ( chipanshi clutch ), transmission shaft, gear, chuck, bit, control switch and handle.

    The impact drill with motor as the power source, through the gear transmission, drive the propeller shaft rotation, and then with chilunnie, close. The gear is a dongchipanshi clutch, and the gear pair is a static clutch. On the adjustable ring of the impact drill head, a sign of a drill bit and a hammer is provided, the diaojie is tuned to the" bit" direction, and the clutch is branched, separated from the clutch.

    Then the gear directly drives the bit, making a single rotation. When the pointer to the" hammer" is transferred to the direction of the hammer, the clutch is placed in contact with the clutch, and the impact dianzuanjie rotates through the clutch's uneven contact surface, and the impact motion is generated and the impact is rotated on the bit.

    The above mentioned is the working principle of the electric tool impact drill.

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